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Edward Ofiyuk’s Donations and Offers to NACO

January 11, 2006—Edward Ofiyuk’s Donations and Offers to NACO

Edward Ofiyuk, of Dallas, Texas, who is also the Vice President of Otuho-Speaking Community of North America (NACO), has generously donated two computers for NACO and also offered to pay for the website service of NACO. NACO agrees to ship the two donated computers to Sudan as soon as it establish a working relationship with people from Sudan. The two computers will assist with services to link Sudan and NACO office in the U.S.A and around the globe. The NACO’s, foreign affairs department is working hard to establish a working relationship with governments, private organizations, and communities from home.

NACO will also soon unveil its newly designed website. The website is currently under intense construction. The website with its features will help in promoting the goals and principles of NACO through the twenty first technological and communicational advancement. Mr. Ofiyuk offers from his personal account to pay full services and maintenances of this NACO website until NACO secure its own funds and able to pay for the services and maintenance on its own.

The NACO’s executives and members register their appreciations and thanks to Mr. Ofiyuk’s for his generosity to donate two computers for NACO and offering to pay for the website services of NACO. Mr. Ofiyuk’s action is expected of all NACO’s members, and it serves as an example for all members to follow suit. We will like to see more of such generous actions as we work together as a community with one goal and purpose.